Local Paint Store San Antonio

Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint. Just wanted to reach out to all of our potential contractors, painting contractors. We are a local San Antonio paint supply store here in San Antonio. We do carry a Benjamin Moore. That’s our big flagship brand that we have over there. We also carry Coronado and PPG. We are definitely in business to be competitive, so we’d love for you guys to come in and bring your price sheet from Sherwin Williams, Valspar, even Behr. We’ll show you definitely how we can beat their prices and give you some better quality products.

We do carry so many things in store. We’ve got a 10,000 square foot facility. We are located here in San Antonio off of Vance Jackson and 410. If you know where the big McDonald’s is right there, we’re literally right next door, so if you’re in the drive-through, you can see our building right there. We’d love for you to stop by. Like I said, we’re located here in San Antonio. I’m one of the owners. We’re here every day. Stop by. Let us show you how we can be competitive. We’re also part of the buy local movement, so we’d love to be able to show you how we can increase your bottom line by giving you better pricing. Come by, 210-377-3731 Pinturapaintsupply.com. 4335 Vance Jackson, Suite 101. We’d love for you to come by and check us out.

Benjamin Paint Store in San Antonio
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