San Antonio Paint Store that carries metalic expoxy floor kits

Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint. We are standing inside of what we call our PPG and Modern Masters Room. We’ve got Modern Masters right over here, PPG right over here. We just newly finished our renovations here at the store. We touched everything from the ceilings to the walls to the floors. So you can see that we’ve got a pretty wild metallic finish on those floors. They’re pretty neat. We do carry all of these products that we refinished our place with here in our showroom. We’ve got Benjamin Moore, of course. That’s our big flagship brand. We’re a certified Benjamin Moore dealer.

We’re also really close to 410 & Vance Jackson. We’re a local San Antonio paint store. We’d love for you guys to come by and check out our brand new showroom, kind of showing you guys what we have right around us.

So, yeah, like I said, come and check us out. Go to our website, it’s We’d love for you guys to either give us a call or stop by. Our phone number is (210) 377-3731. See you soon.

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