DIY and professional paint/Deck stain near me in san antonio

Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint. A lot of you weekend warriors out there who are looking to do some paint or stain on your deck, we’ve got lots of options. We’ve got some Old Masters stained. We’ve got some Cabot stain right over here. We’ve also got another product over here called Ready Seal. It’s super, super easy. Their tagline is ‘It’s goof proof’. Their claim to fame is that you can literally put the stain down on the deck and take steps on it immediately and you won’t see any footsteps. I’ve seen product demos at our grand opening. Our rep was here and he actually put that to the test and it was awesome. It actually worked pretty well. He also poured water directly on top of the sample that he poured about 30 seconds after and it didn’t even streak or none of the product came off so I was pretty impressed.

It’s called Ready Seal. It’s right here and we’ve got lots of it on the shelf for purchase. So, again, if you guys are looking to re-stain your deck or fence, that’s a pretty good product to use. We are located off of 410 and Vance Jackson in San Antonio, Texas. We are your local San Antonio paint store. We are certified Benjamin Moore dealer. We’d love for you guys to be part of the Pintura family. If you are a painting contractor, we do carry special contractor rates, so we’d love for you to come by and check us out. Visit our website at or give us a call, (210) 377-3731. See, you guys soon.

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