How to properly dip (load) a paint brush

Painting can be tricky and messy as it is, so leaning how to properly dip the brush in the paint bucket is essential for not over applying or under applying paint to the walls. Here are a few quick and easy steps to learn how to properly load paint brush:

  1. Dip the paint brush only about 1/3 or halfway into the paint. Do not dip the brush all the way up to its metal frame. This will not only get your hands full of paint, but will keep you from getting too much paint on the brush.
  2. Let excess paint drip for a count of three, then lightly tap both sides of the brush against the interior wall of the can or bucket. Scraping excess paint on the lip of the can is messy and counterproductive because it removes the paint you just loaded into the brush.
  3. As you paint, make sure to keep a wet edge, and continue to paint from that point forward. Use long, smooth strokes and refill the brush whenever the paint starts to break up without covering the surface properly.
  4. Don’t go too fast if you are beginner or rookie. Patience is a virtue, especially in painting.
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