Traffic Marking paint supplier in san antonio

Traffic Marking Paint Supplier San Antonio

Aexcel manufactures waterborne traffic paints formulated to meet a variety of federal specifications, dry time, durability, and VOC requirements. Whether you’re looking for a traffic paint to paint a parking lot, airport taxiway, highway markings, or something in-between, look no further than Aexcel for your waterborne traffic paint solution. Pintura carries several options in Traffic Marking Paint for your convenience. We even have spray can traffic marking paint and field marking paint. Pintura Paint can also custom order any type of paint or coating that we don’t carry on our shelves and are local source for all traffic marking paint supply in San Antonio.

How long does traffic marking paint take to dry?

Aexcel has a Fast-Dry Waterborne Traffic Paint that dries in 15 minutes at a 77 degrees F.

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