How do i know what size paint brush to buy

Most paintbrushes range in size from 1-inch up to 4-inches and can have an angled or flat/straight edge. The edge of the brush is basically a matter of user preference, but the different sizes are important to consider based on the surface you’re painting. The diagram on the right shows you what size brush you should be using for the type of project you are painting.

Paint brushes that are 2-inches to 2½-inches are usually the most popular and versatile brushes because they can be used for such a wide array of projects. A flat brush of this size is perfect for baseboards, cabinets, furniture, moldings, railings, and shutters. An angled sash brush of this same size is effective for window frames, casings, door moldings, and cutting in edges of walls, ceilings, and baseboards.

Larger paint brushes (3-inch to 4-inch) will hold more paint on the brush and cover a larger surface area when painting. This can helps you to finish your project faster, depending on what type of paint you are using and the climate conditions. These larger paint brushes are ideal for exterior siding, decks, doors, or walls.

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