Custom Caulk and spray paint maker in san antonio

Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint. A lot of you guys don’t know, but we make a custom caulk and spray cans. Right behind me, over here, there’s a little product display.

It’s really a very simple process. It’s color matched so we can color match anything, any custom color that you have. It’s a very, very simple process for us. A lot of our clients, what they do is they bring their paint to us after they’re finished with their project, and we put that into an aerosol can. It lasts longer and actually, you can touch up walls and do all kinds of cool stuff with it, and it takes up less space. So that’s just a little kind of tidbit for the person who wants to not carry as much paint cans on their shelves.

We are located here in San Antonio, off of Vance Jackson and 410. If you look for the McDonald’s, we are right there. We are your local San Antonio paint store, that carries all kinds of products that you need for any project that you might have. We are a certified Benjamin Moore rep dealer, here in San Antonio, Texas.

We are located at 4335 Vance Jackson. Our phone number is (210) 377-3731 and you can visit us online at a I’m one of the owners, my name is Danny Garcia. We’d love for you to stop by and be part of the Pintura family. We’ll see you guys soon.

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