paint store 410 and vance jackson

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Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint. I’m standing inside our 10,000 square foot warehouse. We’ve got plenty of products for you to choose from. We are a certified Benjamin Moore dealer. We also carry Coronado and PPG, but we’ve got lots of products in stock for all of our painters that are super busy.

We can also order stuff, so if you have something that you need, a special request, we do that stuff all the time for our customers. So give us a call at two, one, zero, three, seven, seven, three, seven, three, one. We’re located off of 14 and Vance Jackson right by the McDonald’s.

We are a local certified Benjamin Moore dealer and we’re a local paint supply store here in San Antonio that is independently owned. I’m actually one of the owners. My name is Danny Garcia, so we’d love for you to stop by and let us you what we can do for you. We’d love to earn your business. We are extremely competitive.

Bring us your price sheet from Sherman Williams, Behr, Valspar, let us show you how we can increase your bottom line by saving you some money on some paint. We’d love for you to be part of the Pintura family. We’ll see you guys soon.

paint store 410 and vance jackson
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