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Hey guys, Danny Garcia with Pintura Paint Supply. We’re here in our showroom here, located off of 4335 Vance Jackson, Suite 101. I wanted to show you guys this deglosser that we have, it’s called PASO deglosser. Oops, this one right here, so this guy. So this is a really cool way that you can actually cheat, if you’re going to be painting or refinishing any cabinets that you have. If you don’t want to have to sand everything down, because the sanding is really dusty and messy, and takes up a lot of time as well, that stuff, PASO, is really cool. You literally apply it to the cabinet that you’re going to be painting, and once it dries, you’re able to paint right on top of it without having to really sand it down.

We actually painted our cabinets right back over here, right there. We painted that, we applied the deglosser to it, and then we just painted with our Benjamin Moore ADVANCE, which is this stuff right here, right? Where are we? There we go, right there. That stuff is really good for baseboards, door trim, crown molding, anything that’s wood in a house, that stuff is awesome.

We are your local paint store here in San Antonio, located right off of 410 and Vance Jackson. We’d love to have you guys come by and check out our brand new renovated showroom. We do carry, of course, Benjamin Moore, Coronado, PPG. We’d love to have you guys come by and check it out. 4335 Vance Jackson, Suite 101. You can also call us as well, (210) 377-3731, or you can check out our website,

paso deglosser san antonio
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