When is the best time to paint my house?


We live in San Antonio, Texas and have lots of sunny days in which to paint, which is makes for favorable painting conditions. Most paint manufacturers recommend a minimum temperature for exterior painting which shouldn’t be applied below 40℉.  Luckily, in Texas, there’s rarely a danger of the temperature falling below that minimum during the summer.  There is, however, a danger of the temperature getting too hot to paint.  When the temperature reaches 90℉, paint can dry too quickly and doesn’t bond to the surface the way it’s designed to.  This is big problem because it can lead to cracking and peeling. We have had record rainfalls in the past months, which obviously makes it difficult to paint.

Where can I buy local paint in San Antonio?

Pintrua Paint carries Murco Wall Products

Pintura Paint Supply is located at 4335 Vance Jackson, Suite 101 in San Antonio and is part of the Buy Local Movement. We carry all kinds of major brands for every type of project imaginable. Aside from all types of interior and exterior paints/ stains, we have finishing products for furniture re-finishers by Mohwak, paint stripping parking lots and roads, epoxy sticks for wood repair, drywall accessories, paint brushes, roller covers, painters plastic and much much more. We are also one of a few local stores that carry Murco Wall Texture Compound that will help you in every construction situation, whether it’s for commercial or residential application.

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