Best paint for bathroom

What is the best paint to use on my bathroom walls?

Best bathroom wall paint

Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa is specially formulated to resist moisture and mildew growth in high humidity areas, such as a bathroom.  In addition to its beautiful matte finish, Aura Bath & Spa offers a mildew resistant, extreme hide and coverage paint with fewer coats. With its Proprietary Color Lock® technology, homeowners can enjoy richer colors that stay true over time.  Aura Bath & Spa is a zero VOC and low odor interior paint which means you won’t smell up the entire house with toxic paint fumes.

Pintura Paint is your local source in San Antonio to find premium quality bathroom paint.  We also carry a full line of Benjamin Moore Paint Products for the rest of your home. 

Best paint to use for a home painting project in San Antonio.

If you are doing some painting on your home yourself, you should consider using Ben by Benjamin Moore.  It is very easy to use and won’t dry up on you, so you won’t see the paint lines on your walls.  That is the problem with most do it yourself paint projects.  If you don’t paint everyday, you tend to go at a slower pace than a professional painter and take more breaks.  With most paint, you must maintain a wet edge and if you don’t move fast enough or paint half of your wall, when you come back to paint, it has already dried and you will see the roller or paint brush line.  With Ben by Benjamin Moore, the paint stays wet longer and that means you can take longer to finish painting with no lines.

Best paint for bathroom
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