What brand of paint shoudl I use to paint my house in San Antonio?

What is the best affordable paint to use to paint my house?

How do I know what paint brand to choose to paint my house in San Antonio?

When it comes to time to paint your house in San Antonio, you should consider a few things first.  We recommend choosing paint quality over price.  In other words, don’t just go for the cheapest paint you can find.  You will most definitely be disappointed since cheap paint will take more coats to apply and won’t cover as well as a higher quality paint will.  We’ve seen clients have to apply as much as 4 coats when they choose an “affordable paint” as opposed to one or two coats with a premium paint.  It may seem like you are spending more when purchasing a premium paint but you don’t have apply as many coats.  You will probably be making more trips back to the paint store to buy more paint if you go with an a cheaper quality paint. 

Here are 3 recommended exterior paint lines from Benjamin Moore:

1.  Benjamin Moore Aura – This is the highest quality exterior Benjamin Moore paint and the most expensive.  Aura provides a higher build, allowing for a more protective coating on the surface, and it is self-priming on many surfaces. This means significantly less time per job, allowing you to move on to new projects more quickly.  Aura does set up (dry) within one hour of  application, so it is best to be applied by a  professional painter or someone who has experience.

2.  Benjamin Moore Regal -Next in line is Regal Select Exterior High Build a premium quality, high build, self priming, 100% acrylic latex formula engineered for optimum hide and tinted with the Benjamin Moore proprietary Gennex colorant system. Regal offers a thick, high-build formula with easy application by brush or spray.  The thick coating offers excellent flow and leveling and the superior performance you expect from the Benjamin Moore Regal name for your exterior paint projects in San Antonio.  The exterior paint sticks to exterior surface easily and provides advanced mildew and stain resistance.  This paint is recommended to be applied by professionals, but a homeowner with paint experience should do just fine applying the paint themselves.

3. Ben by Benjamin Moore – is Benjamin Moore’s most user friendly exterior paint For homeowners that don’t want to spend  a lot of money on one of their more premium paint products, Ben is an excellent alternative that offers a huge bang for its buck. The Ben exterior paint is low-VOC and extremely user friendly for novic painters. It is affordable and a favorite for both our DIY paintiers and professional painters.

4.  Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec Exterior Paint – The is considered the Benjamin Moore “workhorse” paint.  This should be used by paint professionals who know how to work with it.  A low VOC, professional-quality 100% acrylic, exterior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, property managers and specifiers.  Ultra Spec is formulated to provide excellent durability for maximum protection. It features superior coverage, ease of application and enhanced adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.

Pintura Paint carries a full line of Benjamin Moore Aura for interior and exterior painting of your home.  We are a locally owned and family operated paint store in San Antonio.  We have special contractor pricing for our painting professional and business owners.  Ask about our Customer Rewards program through Benjamin Moore.  You can also choose to order Benjamin Moore Paint online and have it delivered to your home.  Keeping our customers safe is priority number one.

What brand of paint shoudl I use to paint my house in San Antonio?
where can i buy benjamin moore paint in san antonio
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