How to find pintura paint on facebook

This is our Facebook QR Code. All you have to do is open your camera app on your phone and “pretend you are going to take a picture” of the QR code. Your smart phone will automatically read it and it will prompt you to go our Facebook Page. Don’t forget to “LIKE” our page.  We offer specials on this page only that are not available anywhere else.  Like our page to be included.

What Happens when i like the pintura paint facebook page?

Pintra Paint has a very loyal customer base and we proud to share our social media with our clients.  When you “like” our Pintura Facebook or Social Media pages, you are showing your support for your go to local San Antonio Paint Store aka PIntura Paint.  We offer specials on our Facebook page that aren’t available anywhere else.  You are also helping support our “Buy Local Movement” that is very important to our local economy.  Stop being ignored at the big box stores and be a part of the Pintura Family.

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