what is the best exterior paint to use on my house

How Long Does Paint Last?

Is my left over paint still good?

what is the best exterior paint to use on my house

There are many factors that can cause paint to go bad while stored.  Many of our customers in San Antonio have left over paint from their painting project and want to know if it is still good a few years after re-painting their house in San Antonio.

If the paint can has never been opened, it is probably still good (if stored properly).  Most experts agree that paint can last up to 10 years if stored in ideal conditions.  If you had it stored in a shed or garage, it may  have exposed to extreme heat cold weather.  In this case, the paint may not be usable. 

Open the can and blend the contents thoroughly with a paint stirrer. Dip a brush in the paint and brush it onto a piece of cardboard. If the paint goes on smooth, you’re in luck! Go ahead and roll it on the wall.

If the paint has lumps that you can’t stir out, exposure to extreme temperatures have probably changed the paint’s chemical makeup beyond salvaging.  Time to come see Pintura Paint to get some new paint!


What is the proper way to store left over paint?

This may sound crazy, but storing paint cans upside down is a great way to keep your excess paint fresh for years to come.  Storing them upside down creates a seal on the inside of the paint can. 

What is the best way to store my left over paint?

Follow these simple rules for storing extra paint:

1. Label the paint can with a sharpie that indicates what room the paint was used in and the date it was used. 

2.  Cover the opening of the paint can with plastic wrap.
3. Put the lid on securely and make sure it doesn’t leak.
4. Turn the can upside down to allow the paint to create its own seal.
5. Store the paint can upside down in a place that’s safe from freezing/heat  and out of reach of children and pets.  We don’t recommend storing paint in garages or sheds because of exposure to extreme temperature conditions.

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