Paint my shower tile with a an aerosol epoxy

Can I paint my Shower tile or bathtub?

How to paint my shower bathroom tile

Here is a quick and inexpensive way to give your old tub and shower tile a new fresh look.  Tile Doc by Rustoleum  can refinish old and worn porcelain bath tubs, sinks and shower areas for a long lasting, beautiful appearance.  Tile Doc Aerosol is a convenient spray version of the original Tile Doc. It is a single component product sold at Pintura Paint  in an easy to apply aerosol can. Just like the original Tile Doc, which has patented technology, it will bond strongly to porcelain and ceramic surfaces and will hold up to cold and hot, soapy water.   This is NOT recommended for galvanized metal or other metal surfaces. Lots of our professionals use this product for their clients, but if you follow the instructions, this is something you can do for yourself (DIY) as an affordable alternative to replacing your shower tile that gets old and worn looking with time.  This is also great for our clients that filp houses and want to give the old shower tile that pop of fresh color without having to rip it all out and re-tile.

How to do i prep the area I will apply the epoxy?

Surface Preparation: Careful surface preparation and cleaning is the key to a good result. Repair all cracks, chips and broken areas with a top quality epoxy filler. After all repairs are made be sure the surface is thoroughly clean and dry, free from all dirt, grease, wax, oils, soap film, mildew, rust or other contaminants. Soap residues are not easily seen, but must be removed completely. Take extra precautions to clean the surface areas around the drain and soap dish. The first step is to clean the surface of the porcelain or tile with a strong abrasive detergent using an abrasive pad or steel wool. Rinse well and dry. Next, solvent wiping of the surface is recommended. Wipe down the surface with XIM GON Cleaner or xylene. Do not use mineral spirits, turpentine or solvents that will leave oily residues.

Where can I buy Tile Doc in San Antonio?


Tile Doc by Rustoleum is avaible for purchase locally in San Antonio at Pintura Paint.  We are located off of 410 and Vance Jackson, just outside the loop (right next door to the Mc Donalds).  We are a local San Antonio Paint Store that prides itself is providing good old fashioned customer service and dependable products.  Stop being ignored and overcharged at the big box stores and come support  a locat business.  We are family owned and would love to earn our business.  We are also a certified Benjamin Moore Paint Dealer in San Antonio.  Stop by and see why we  are different.

Paint my shower tile with a an aerosol epoxy
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