Brick Paint – Masonry Paint San Antonio

Romabio Lime wash San Antonio

Brick paint and masonry paint is available in San Antonio at Pintura Paint Supply.  We carry a full line of Romabio products in stock at our paint store in San Antonio.  Romabio Paints has specially formulated Mineral Masonry Paints, so you can paint the exterior of your brick or masonry home with a highly durable, long-lasting paint that won’t peel or flake off, has high-UV resistance, is naturally mold-resistant, and has a beautiful, flat finish.

Can I paint brick on my house?

For the most part, experts have not recommended painting brick because water and moisture can cause damage. BUT, if you use a breathable, mineral paint, like Romabio Masonry Paint,  that does NOT seal the brick and allows the moisture to release, then you won’t have these issues.

How to Paint Brick on My House?

Masonry Paints can easily be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. If using Masonry Textured Paint, you must use an aggregate or textured sprayer. And for all of our masonry paints in San Antonio, you must dampen the surface prior to application

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